¡30 days to go!

Just 30 days keep us away from Ibague´s and Tolima’s most important sports event in history, the Speed Skate World Championships to be held in Colombia´s musical capital from November 6th to 13th. 

The efforts from both regional and municipal administrations have been huge, the collective job of getting the host city ready and receiving the visitors with all the greatest details has been exceptional, and the rewards of all the hard work have paid off, even if the participants are not present yet. 

According to Alberto Herrera Ayala, the event’s director, the response of the countries has created a lot of expectations for the institution. “We announced the participation of athletes from America, Europe, and Asia, but we are sure more confirmations from other countries are yet to come.”

The confidence Colombia gives as the host country is key for the sports organizations and the federations that are part of the World Skate to want to come to our country and participate in the first world-class event post-pandemic, after last year’s postponement.

To José Acevedo, chairman of the federation, “We have the conditions to return to world-class events with all the details.”We have prepared well, the city and the department are all set and the organization is ready to receive the athletes in our World Championship”. 

The president of the Roller Skating Federation took the chance to ask the media to join the authorities in the release of the World Championships event to be held on October 13th in Bogotá. In this act, the official image, mascot, medals, and official video of the competition will be presented.