We are 20 days away from the Inline Speed Skating World Championships Ibague-Tolima 2021 and the hard work from our organization is already paying off to host the best worldwide championship in years. 

Besides, our venue getting into the best conditions since last February with the Pan-American clubs and nations championship. The access routes, intern spaces, stands within the municipal skate track and attention was given to the track. 

The surface of the 200m route and 6 long received the coating required by the World Skate to be authorized as an official international venue. With this, Ibague’s track is up to the task of competing with the best in the world, in which surely a lot of current records will be broken. 

According to Colombia’s roller-skating federation president, José Acevedo, the agreement to have the official sealant exclusively produced by the Italian firm Vesmaco is one of the legacies promised to be delivered to Ibague once the world championships were over.”Every event has to have a legacy and a proper venue, which complies with the requirements set by international authorities, is the best gift to a sports-loving community,”, said Acevedo. 

According to the president, the support from the World Skate chairman, Sabatino Aracu was essential to achieve the goal. “Since we presented to President Sabatino the need to manage the official sealant for Ibague’s track, we always had the certainty it would not fail; he was on board from the beginning with our request, having into account the quality of the competitions we are planning”. 

The material, alongside its specialists, arrived a few days ago in Colombia’s port and was immediately sent to Tolima, where it is practically done; “a hard job that compromises us to put in all the effort to make this the best World Championship in history,”, Acevedo said. 

Finally, the Colombian director assured that President Aracu’s affection, respect, and friendship for Colombia made the Federation’s president’s request easier.”Sabatino has a profound affection towards our country. For many years he has given us his friendship, which is why we don’t hesitate to trust his help to acquire the materials”.