The first qualifying day of the 200-meter Dual TT events for all categories, as well as the 10,000 m elimination of seniors, took place in Ibagué under sunny skies.

Countries managed to put their skaters among the 12 best times, in the speed test, which will contest its final series in descending order, according to the 12 best records. Thus, time 12 will be measured at 11, 10 at 9, and so on, until facing the two best records of the morning and knowing who is the fastest.

In the long-distance trials, it was necessary to carry out qualification series in the elimination tests of the senior category to know the 30 finalists in each branch, while the juniors will go directly to dispute the finals of the combined test, Points + Elimination, perhaps the most exciting on the speed skating calendar.

The finals will start at 5 pm to deliver the medals and meet the first speed champions in the world, after just over two years without competitions and emotions on wheels.