The asphalt of the World Cup skating circuit in the Municipal Sports Park of Ibagué already felt the speed of the skaters who faced the qualifying series in the 100m for the junior category, as well as the long-distance skaters who looked up for their seat in the finals for the 15km elimination (for juniors) and 10km points (for seniors).

The qualifying series of the speed test, 100 meters per lane, left pleasant impressions and promising results, especially among the Central American runners, who managed to put two of their Salvadoran stars in the finals, causing very positive comments from the specialized chronicle and the coaches themselves.

In addition, Mexicans, Venezuelans, Guatemalans, Chileans, Argentines, and Costa Ricans were the lead characters in the first order, which speaks well of the process that takes place in these countries where, sometimes, the lack of approved tracks forces them to work longer on the streets. and parks, which has allowed them to enhance a factor that at first glance could be a difficulty.

For the speed tests, 34 junior men and 32 junior ladies took the games, which were classified by series until they had the three that will run the final in each branch. For the ladies, a Salvadoran, a Colombian, and an Italian, they will seek to be the fastest on the planet on skates. Among the gentlemen, a Salvadoran will face two Colombians for the gold medal.