Ibagué, its institutions, and entities are truly committed to the success of the World Speed ​​Skating Championships, all contributing to the well-being of the event and ensuring that locals and foreigners have the best image of a strong city that knows how to overcome the difficulties of previous mandates and vibrate with its growth and dynamism.

One of these entities is the Ministry of Mobility, which has implemented with its traffic guards a program called “The World Route,” a safety road and travel plan that will allow delegations to get to their hotels and the venue in as little time as possible, also helping to decongest city traffic during rush hours.

According to Juan Carlos Núñez González, secretary for Mobility (E), the World Cups are a challenge. “This is an exercise that we want to do with a lot of love and affection, not only with this event but with the different ones that may come; we are building sports venues at this very point, and we have the opportunity to turn that disastrous page that we lived on, and to be able to show that Ibagué can count on sports centers for large competitions.”

The plan is made up of an official body of 60 units, supported and articulated by the Metropolitan Police, in a mobility exercise starting from the official hotels, Estelar, Dann Carlton, FR, Sonesta, Casa Morales, and F25, seeking that each trip doesn’t last more than 15 or 20 minutes. “We have also asked the people of Ibague to support these trips, showing that every time a bus passes with a delegation, we feel proud that they are at our house and that they keep a good memory in their minds and hearts,” Núñez González said.