Being in the “musical capital of America”, the opening of the Inline Speed Skating World Championships should be full of harmony and sounds typical of a culture that has earned a special space and respect, not only from the country but from the continent, when talking about music and dance is concerned.

In the land of the National Folklore Festival, polyphonic choirs and artistic bands. The inauguration of the world championships will be wonderful and specially designed for the enjoyment of the delegations and the public that will accompany the ceremony, scheduled for Friday, November 5th at 7:30 pm.

The Tolima secretary of Culture and the organization of the world championships have made a joint effort of wills and talents to make that night simply unforgettable. In addition to the presence of the departmental Symphony, dance, music and local artists, also key points like the main song “Fiesta Patí”, will be interpreted by the songwriter and singer Richy Nolie, and there will be a surprise guest artist.

It will be a special welcome, worthy of the visitors who have already begun to arrive and prepare to compete in the world speed skating championship. After hard months of pandemics going around the planet, we believe that sports are one of the best tools to build society and start the full reactivation of the region.