The Chilean national speed skating team arrived in Ibagué with their characteristic outgoingness and joy, having completed nearly 20 days in Colombia, with the goal of becoming leading players in the World Speed Championships. The opening will be next Friday, November 5, in the musical capital of Colombia.

The “australes” decided to come to Colombia almost a month ago. They worked intensively in Medellín and its surroundings, seeking to adapt to the environment that is already being experienced as a preview of the world speed skating event, according to Gustavo Aguilera, coach of “La Roja”. “One of the good things about Colombia is that they have various types of tracks, so we have worked in Envigado, Rionegro, in María Luisa Calle; We have had a lot of rain, but we have been able to forget the water a bit and work hard, “he said.

For the Chilean coach, the goal is to be able to fight for the medals, to keep Chile well represented in the world championships. “We want to be among the top five, we have to fight for some medals and try to win a world title, show what these guys have prepared for,” said the coach.

One of those in charge of fighting for the medals and leaving Chile well represented will be Lucas Silva Santibáñez, world champion, Pan-American, World Games participant, and a great figure in Chile. “The expectation will always be to try to win a medal, try to be a world champion, and be in the top positions,” said the youth champion, now part of the senior team.

The skater said goodbye with a special request for the people who will arrive at the world championships: “We want them to enjoy the championships; the best racing sport has returned. We hope they do not miss it. We will give everything on the track,” Silva Santibáñez pointed out.