The colombian skate tracks have been the scene in several occasions of the most important events of speed skating. To review this journey we need  to go back to 1994, when the city of Barrancabermeja made the first Panamerican Clubs and Nations Championship, which laid the foundation for the first World Championship for the junior category in 1996. 

In 2000, Barrancabermeja itself carried out the junior and Senior World Championships, an unforgettable event in a city that breathes sports and at the time deserved to be appointed as “the world capital of skating”. It was quite an amazing World Cup!

Seven years later, in 2007, the capital of salsa, Santiago de Cali – the showcase of América-, was the chosen one to open its doors and receive the big skating world’s family. It was a championship full of records. It was the perfect mix between sports and commercial aspects, it ended with a big farewell smile for each of the delegations.

In 2010, after Venezuela had some difficult times, Colombia took the baton and made his way to host  the Speed Skating World Championships in Guarne, a town of the department of Antioquia, with the perfect excuse to show its new skate track, built to welcome the best athletes of the world. 

Now, 11 years later, the “Musical Capital of Colombia”, Ibagué, has its best face ready to enjoy its best concert, the most important event of its history: the Speed Skating World Championships track and route 2021. The stage is set, the artists enlist their music sheets and the city opens its doors for what will be a true sports concert on wheels.