The arrival dates of most of the countries that will land in the ‘Musical Capital of Colombia’ were confirmed, to compete in the Ibague-Tolima 2021 World Speed ​​Skating Championships, which will be held from November 5 to 13.

Stars of skating such as France, Italy, the United States, the Netherlands, Argentina, and Spain, among other powerful delegations, confirmed their arrival dates in Tolima to compete in the World Championships, which has not been done since 2019 due to worldwide health issues. 

France will be the first to arrive, which announced its arrival on October 26. Likewise, on the 27th, the delegations from Guatemala and Ecuador will arrive. On the 28th, the delegations from Italy and Argentina are expected.

The World Champions team, Colombia, will arrive on October 29th from Guarne, Antioquia, where they have completed the preparations to be ready and defend not only the national flag but also their hegemony as the current champions. On that same day, the teams from Portugal and Spain will arrive. 

So far, October 30 will be the day with the most arrivals, as the delegations of Chinese Taipei, Germany, Switzerland, Hong Kong, and Hungary will arrive, while the 31st will be the Netherlands, the United States, and Austria.

Belgium, the Czech Republic, Chile, Mexico, and Peru will arrive on November 1, Venezuela and Bolivia will arrive on November 2, Canada will arrive on November 3 and El Salvador, Cuba, Pakistan, and Puerto Rico will arrive on November 4th in Ibagué.

According to the general director of the World Championships, Alberto Herrera Ayala, the other delegations are finalizing their arrangements for the trips. “As they confirm the day of arrival, we will be attentive to inform so that the welcome and reception processes are activated, both in El Dorado de Bogotá, and in Perales de Ibagué, and so our important visitors feel first hand, the warmth, and hospitality of our people “, said the manager.