With their signature joy, despite the long journey, the Italian national team had their first practice on the track in Ibagué, preparing their presentation for the Inline Speed Skating World Championships, which they will face with a powerful team led by two experienced former world champions, Massimiliano Presti and Gregorio Duggento, as part of their coaching staff.

It was nearly a 24-hour journey from Rome, passing through Madrid, Bogotá, and then land travel to America’s musical capital, where the illusion of competing in a world championship grew among the 28 ‘azuros’ once more.There will be 14 juniors and 14 seniors, who will fight for the medals.

One of the coaches, former world speed champion, Gregorio Duggento, spoke about what the Italian presentation would be in Ibagué, Tolima – 2021.

“We arrived very well, very happy to be back in Colombia, with a large group from which we expect good results. We hope, first of all, that the boys have fun and we continue with a long-term project thinking about the 2023 World Cup, which will be in Italy, “Said the coach.

The Italian squad was third in the overall medal table of the last world championship completed in Barcelona 2019, as part of the World Roller Games, taking home 4 golds, 4 silvers, and 9 bronzes, for a total of 17 medals.