Planned and rigorous work is what leads to success, and in sport, this work takes time and dedication. Only with a well-developed plan can these proposed goals be achieved safely and correctly. That is the example of the Guatemalan delegation, which in the last five years has bet on a program of massification and growth in the regions.

One of the coaches who has contributed to making that dream a reality is the Colombian coach Orlando Valencia, who, in two different periods, has worked with the Central American country’s federation. “I was in Guatemala in 2015 and 2016, and two months ago the new president contacted me to return and replicate the plan we made with Dalia (Soberanis) throughout the country; we are working on it and here we are with a group of those guys who have been working and growing”, he commented.

Regarding the goals and purposes, Valencia is clear in stating that everything is created step by step. “The objective is to consolidate the emotional part of the athletes, so they feel that they can achieve something important in a near future; here we have a great expectation regarding our team, nobody knows what is going to happen. In that sense, what I want is for them to learn how to control their emotions, so that when they get to the track they will be able to do what we have trained, “the coach remarked.

The biggest reference to Guatemalan speed skating is Dalia Soberanis, gold medalist at the Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla in 2018, bronze in the Barcelona 2019 World Roller Games, and bronze in the Lima 2019 Pan American Games, who appreciated that the World Championship could be held on Colombian land. “Being in Colombia is very special for us. This is the biggest delegation that we have brought to a World Cup. It is also the home country of the World Champions, so the party is lived in a special way. We know the emotions that they put here and it is very nice to be able to have the World Cup in America,” commented the 24-year-old skater.

The Guatemalan delegation is made up of 20 athletes, 12 juniors and 8 seniors, the largest since this country has attended the world speed championships. Another benefit of hosting the World Cup event on Colombian land is giving the possibility to the countries of America to fulfill their World Cup dream.