An opening ceremony full of music, talent, and brotherhood, were the main characters in the opening of the Inline Speed Skating World Championships, Ibague 2021, with a wonderful public that filled the stands in Parque Deportivo Municipal in a prelude of the party starting today as soon as the skates hit the track. 

The event was opened by the hosts, the mayor of Ibagué, Fabián Andrés Hurtado, and the governor of Tolima, José Ricardo Orozco, who welcomed the athletes, coaches, delegates, and companions of the 39 delegations that met in the capital, Tolima, emphasizing the union that exists between the two governments to turn this region into a first-class sports destination.

The Protocol was sealed with the emotional intervention of the sports managers, initially, with the president of the Colombian Skating Federation, José Acevedo, who in a speech full of emotions thanked the support of the governments of Tolima and Ibagué, their sports institutes, their officials, the boards of the Tolima Assembly and the Council of Ibagué, the Military and Police Forces, as well as the organizational staff, the companions and the always helpful volunteers. 

In his speech, Acevedo highlighted the participation and willingness of the countries to enjoy Ibagué and return to competitions after two years of inactivity. “Having 39 countries gathered in Colombia, in Ibagué, amid the difficulties that the world is experiencing, is very comforting. It means that Colombia continues to be a sports destination, and that the world fully trusts our country when organizing international events. it’s about, “he said.

The person in charge of closing the ceremony was the president of the World Skate, Sabatino Aracu, who from Italy sent a special greeting to all attendees. “You don’t know how much I would like to be with you, shake your hands, give you a hug and express my gratitude for all the support you have given to my friends from the Colombian Skating Federation, led by José Acevedo, for the World Championships,” said the world leader.

Aracu, who, due to commitments with the International Olympic Committee and some meetings scheduled in advance, could not arrive in Colombia, was very confident that our country would hold a great event. “You have no idea about the joy it gives me to see you reunited defending the colors of your countries, compete with enthusiasm, complete with joy and determination, but above all, with honesty and fair play,” said Aracu to the athletes.

Finally, the international leader referred to the governments of Tolima and Ibagué, but especially to Tolima’s people for their hospitality and kindness when receiving the skate party. “Ibagué has opened the doors of his house; That is why, with my hand on my heart, I send you a giant thank you from skating in all over the world … today, amid the difficulties that the planet is experiencing, it is very important to be welcoming, to receive visitors, and you have been kind enough to host the great family of skating world today; I will not get tired of thanking you, thank you so much”, concluded Aracu, who officially declared the Inline Speed Skating World Championships Ibague – 2021 officially inaugurated.