A classic round shape that combines the colors of the Colombian flag and is also part of the host country’s artistic and cultural history is mixed in what will be the recognition icons for the best athletes who participate in the World Championships of Speed Skating 2021, which will be held in Ibagué, Tolima.

The medals that will be awarded to the new world champions will have a trapezoid-shaped border, a thickness of approximately 5 millimeters, and a dimension of 85 millimeters. With them, the work, discipline, dedication, and effort of each of the competitors who make a presence on the podium will be recognized.

The medals will have the logo and the name of the event, giving credit to the country that will host the World Championships and also showing the governing entity of skating on the planet, with a background that shows history and culture, as it is based on the geometric designs of handicrafts. Carried out by different indigenous groups in Colombia, which are also elements of sale and subsistence for them, but which frame the millenary tradition that is seen in clothes, bags, decorative figures for the house, accessories, etc.

Also, each medal will have a ribbon that shows the colors of the Colombian tricolor flag color, including the flag of the department of Tolima and green, the representative color of World Skate.