A skate full of color and tradition is the logo of the Speed Skate World Championships 2021

The colors of Colombian flag were merged with the ones of Tolima’s flag and the Colombian Rollersports Federation to create a colorful logo that stands not only for the countrys traditions but also the history of the peoples and sports institutions that have left their mark.

The yellow, blue and red are mixed with the maroon and gold of the Tolima’s flag, colors that have significant values for the land of ‘pijaos’. The maroon symbolizes the battles and death of the warriors who fought for independence of the country and the department. Yellow recognizes the richness of the region, especially the gold what was found in most Tolima’s territory.  

These colors form the curve of a “vueltiao” hat, a typical garment of the Colombian people, declared Cultural Symbol of the Nation by Law 908 of September 8, 2004, an ideal clothing for anyone who wants to show their pride for the country.

Below it, four wheels take center stage and point us the path to glory. The final form: an inline skate that demonstrates the dynamism and agility of each and every one of the athletes who practice this discipline and who have forged their arrival until the World Championships.

Five traditional elements of Colombian culture come together, so in a powerful image we are going to live and enjoy this event under the premise that it will bring a new path for skating, marked by a trail of colors that simulate the journey of our world champions.