Two artists were in charge of putting on the artistic component of the opening ceremony of the Inline World Speed ​​Skating Championships Ibagué, Tolima-2021. Two singers who have entered the hearts and tastes of the new generations, Richy Nolie and Juan Palau, were charged with the harmony and sobriety of the Tolima symphonic band.

The departmental orchestra was in charge of the protocol, the interpretation of the national anthems, and the march that accompanied the entrance and presentation of the delegations, led by the official pavilions, as well as the respective symbols of each country that had its best athlete as flag bearer.

Richy Nolie performed live the official song, “Fiesta Patí”, with the beat of the clapping of the audience that filled the stands of the skating rink. In addition, he made the audience enjoy his songs full of energy and joy, while the Ibague’s sky was illuminated with the fireworks show that exploded to the beat of the music.

The “grand finale” was put on by Juan Palau, one of the urban artists with the best projection in the country. His charism and talent quickly impregnated the attendees with a lot of rhythms, making them dance, especially the young people who received him with applause and enjoyed each of the songs.

An opening worthy of the world speed skating championships is the perfect appetizer for the sports festival that we will have within the next seven days.