The World Skate and the Inline Speed Skating World Championships 2021 organization has opened the media process to those interested in reporting and covering the event. 

On the official webpage of the championships,, journalists will find an application form with the steps and data needed for the register. It’s important to mention that due to the provisions of the biosafety protocols established for the capacity of these world championships, the submission of the form is only a request, which will be answered positively or negatively by the World Skate.

Following the needs of each media outlet, the organization will provide official images, photos and video to those who request them, which is why cameras will not be authorized either on the contour or the circuit of the track. A mixed area near the press room will be designated for interviews. 

We share the link for this accreditation application process. It should be noted that the organization will verify each of the data to ensure that all of the requirements are met and that they will then be sent to the World Skate, who will indicate which accreditation will be approved.