With stars such as Gwendal Le Pivert and Elton De Souza, the French skating team has already trained at the new Ibagué venue, preparing and finalizing details to face the World Speed Championships, which will begin on November 6 in the musical capital of America, an event expected by all.

For De Souza, world relay champion, the track is in very good condition. “I have trained for 40 minutes and I liked it a lot. It is ready, in the curves, it has a good grip, we are comfortable, and with the weather that is a little warmer than in France now, it feels super good,” said the French skater.

Also, Le Pivert spoke about the expectations of the French team, always a protagonist in World Cup events. “We hope for many medals and world titles for seniors and juniors, too, although we do not know how the other countries will arrive, and it means that, after two years without a World Cup, things are a little different than a traditional World Cup,” said the European champion.

The technical team, led by former world champion Arnaud Gicquel, who has visited our country on many occasions, sees with great expectation the return to competition, after two years of having run in the last world championship in 2019, in Barcelona. “Last year we did not have much competition. This year we had a little more, but it has been a bit difficult, especially at the beginning of the year when we started training. I think we are good for this World Championship in Ibagué,” commented the French coach.

With 19 runners, the French team hopes to shine in Tolima’s capital, a task that they know will be very tough due to the high level presented by the current world champions, the Colombian national team.