The city of Ibagué, capital of the department of Tolima, is betterknown as the “Musical Capital of Colombia” thanks to the writings and the commentaries that an ilustrious french traveler, the Count of Gabriac, sent to his country, in wich he related what he was finding in this land nestled in the valley formed by Combeima river and surrounded by the central mountains range and the majestic passage of the Magdalena river.

Its  picturesque streets and the strong musical movement that flowed from its Musical Conservatory, completely caught the Count of Gabriac, making him fell in love of Ibagué and giving him the right to denote it with the best title it could ever have: “Musical Capital of Colombia”.

Since 1959, every June the city receives the “Colombian Folkloric Festival”, one of the most important cultural and musical samples not only of Colombia, but also of Latin America where, besides, it brings people from all the countries around and the best artists of the región. 

History allow us to know that Ibagué was founded on October 14 1550 by the spanish captain Andrés López de Galarza. Its original name was Villa de San Bonifacio de Ibagué del Valle de las Lanzas, being at that time one of ancient cities of America.  

Its weather is amazing and ideal, because its geographic location and height above sea level of 1285 meters makes Ibagué enjoy its warm days, its fresh afternoons and very nice evenings, giving it an almost unique atmosphere in Colombia, with an average temperature of 23ºC.

As the capital of the Department of Tolima, it is the seat of the regional government and houses the sectional offices of the control entities. It is also the political, industrial, commercial, cultural, financial and tourist center of the region. Its population is set at 541,000 inhabitants. 


On October 10, 2019, Ibagué fulfilled one of its sport dreams: to have a skating track that was at the height of the best in the country. Several years passed for its construction and official delivery to the sports community and the Tolima skating family.

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