The closing of the long-distance trails, 15,000 meter-points for juniors and the elimination for seniors, women, and men, was nuanced by the falls, the drizzle, and the emotions of the public that once again packed the stands, applauding with emotion not only the locals but the entire group of runners who take part in these world championships.

Initially, in the 10 km for junior-ladies points, the Colombian duo of María Camila Carmona and Mariana Chaparro handled the test, lap by lap and point by point, until they got a very noticeable advantage that allowed them to take the 1 and 2 places, with 15 and 13 points, respectively, and where Elena Rosetto took third place by adding 9 points.

In the men’s category, world champion on the track, Juan Jacobo Mantilla saved the performance for Colombia due to the fall of Pablo Marín, who led the score, so Mantilla had to row from behind to add the 28 points that finally gave him the gold, over the 10 points obtained by the Portuguese Marco Lira and the 9 by the Ecuadorian Nicolás García.

The senior category had the longest distance on the circuit, the 15-kilometer Elimination Trial, a tough race that combines long breaths and a lot of resistance to speed. Once again, the Colombian squad made itself known with Luz Karime Garzón and Gabriela Isabel Rueda, gold and silver, in a trial that had a lot of drama after a fall that involved at least 12 runners. One of them was Gabriela Rueda, who was able to join and return to the group to win the silver medal. The podium was completed by the Chilean Andrea Traslaviña so that all the medals could remain on this side of the Atlantic.

In the men’s group, the fight was frontal, without truce, 15 kilometers to the top, where the French Martin Ferrie and Nolan Beddiaf, did synchronized work, managed the test, and attacked with a lap left to overcome the Colombian Manuel Saavedra and be able to win their first gold medal of the contest, a podium full of power.

This Friday, the world circuit championship will close with the one-lap test, with the final scheduled for 5:00 pm. There will be a run for the men’s senior points test, which could not be completed last Tuesday due to the heavy rain. All that remains is to enjoy the marathons, scheduled for Saturday, November 13 from 8:00am.